• Image of MEGALITHIC

New 2021 edition cases (purple, red, orange) are expected by mid-November, pre-order now for $225 before they arrive and price goes up to $250.

"...if the TERMINATOR was a stompbox."

Gremlin's finest gain-stacking combo device with collaboration grafx by Audio Disruption Devices. This is one of the ultimate cascaded dirt combos on Earth for terrorizing full stacks.

This monumental beast is our own version of the "1979 Gray" DOD 250 Overdrive (as an independent effect) in front of a fully tricked-out Black Russian Muff circuit.

The GRAY OD side is built very closely to the DOD '79 Gray specs except for an improved power filter and added Russian D311 germanium diodes in the clipping section for a bit more output/drive and vintage mojo, and bass SHIFT switch for woolly vs tight input.

The BLACK FUZZ side is built using specific transistor selection for devastating dirty-ness, plus the essential MIDS knob (and extra MIDS SHIFT switch for extended range), as well as 2nd stage CLIP switch for hybrid diode selection with more output on tap.

You really don't know "Gain Structures" until you have excavated dirt from the archaic ruins with the MEGALITHIC device.


NO REFUNDS as these are built to order, see the PURCHASE AGREEMENT section of this website before ordering.